skydiving 9Whenever people think of Yeoor or Mama Bhanja hill in Thane, it conjures up the image of a beautiful blend of nature, wildlife, trekking, nightlife, bird watching and green meditation.
However, little do people know that the mini-hill station offers a unique kind of indoor skydiving adventure sport avenue by Wefly Indoor Skydiving LLP.
For those who have had always wanted to experience indoor skydiving, but are afraid to actually take a leap from an airplane can now experience the adventure sport with ‘zero’ risk.
Wefly guarantees you the thrill of an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.
Wefly uses a vertical wind tunnel that generates a strong enough wind to support and sustain flyers in midair. It’s absolutely out of harm’s way since there’s a trampoline floor at the bottom, and the walls are fully-padded.
Before skydiving, flyers are briefed and trained about the proper indoor skydiving techniques, and subsequently equipped with the right flying gear. The entire experience takes about an hour, including two minutes of ‘gravity defining’ flying.

Take your corporate events to new heights with ‘Wefly Indoor Skydiving Corporate Days Out,’ as at times, team building exercises customarily become cliché, leaving employees droopy and bland.
Having adopted a negative connotation, executives are scrambling for ideas on innovative ways to engage their employees and motivate them to harness good working relationship through adventure corporate events.
Nowadays everything pushes the envelope, so why not change the perception of corporate events with something imaginative and thrilling?
Indoor skydiving is the perfect experience for doing exactly that, and you will change the morale of your employees at Wefly!
Corporate packages can be as intimate or grand as you please, depending on the scale of the event as well as your requirements, objectives and budget. You can leave all the nitty gritty to your Wefly event representative, and the only responsibility you have is turning up and flying high!
Corporate team building days at Wefly Indoor Skydiving are a great way to demonstrate that anything is possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people of different tolerance and fear levels to engage in an experience that pushes their individual skills, as well as encourages them to be good team mates.
Indoor skydiving is an experience that encompasses many things, but most importantly it’s a unique and unforgettable way to drag your employees away from their desks. So mix it up a little with Wefly!
Enjoy this unmatched gravity-defining adventure sport and let us know if you want more!


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