pic for blog 2Even if you enjoy your work, the pang of anxiety during monsoon in Mumbai can really bring down your everyday routine.
But now, monsoon blues doesn’t have to derail your weekends as Wefly Indoor Skydiving could be the perfect cure to beat that feeling of dread for Mumbaikars this monsoon.
India’s first indoor skydiving has set up its operations in Thane. With rainy weather on tap for the weekend, Wefly could be the perfect stop for those looking to get out of the house and do something stimulating.
With the help of Wefly’s certified flight instructors, Mumbaikars can learn to fly, control their bodies in the air, and experience true human flight in a safe environment.
So accompany your family and friends on a fun excursion, students on an educational field trip, business people on unique corporate team-building trips, professional skydivers and members of the military doing training.
Thanks to Wefly, flying is finally available to everyone in India.
Wefly indoor skydiving facility is a “marvel” of advanced engineering that replicates the experience of skydiving.
To prepare for the flight, customers undergo a comprehensive training class, guided by Wefly’s flight and safety instructors. After training is completed, flyers are outfitted with flight gear, including goggles, helmet and flight suit, and then—with instructor at their side—enter the flight chamber which is supported by a cushion of air.
Every day is a new adventure for each and every person at the Wefly indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Watching people fly for the first time is a life changing experience, and just wonderful for each flyer helping to make their dream come true.
Wefly has been attracting first-time filers and experienced sky divers as they’ve popped up across the country. It aims to deliver the dream of flight to everybody, whether you’re age 7 or 100.
In essence, anyone can try indoor skydiving, so long as you’re less than 105 kg, not pregnant and have no major shoulder injuries. For even the biggest wimp, Wefly offers an ultra-safe environment bound to produce a thrilling flight. I truly felt like you are in the sky with Wefly!

To those who want to experience indoor skydiving, you may visit www.weflyindia.co.in for more details.

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