• The flyer shall have to report one hour prior to their flight time. Flyers reporting late by 15 minutes or above shall not be permitted to enter, and the ticket shall be considered void.
  • The maximum weight limit for flying is 105 kg. A primary medical test of physical fitness shall be conducted by Wefly Indoor Skydiving medical team.
  • Wefly Indoor Skydiving can fly anyone between the age group of 7-100 years.
  • Flyers between 7-18 years must strictly be accompanied by Parents/Guardian.
  • Flyers between age group of 18 -60 can enjoy independent entry.
  • Flyer with any physical injuries, dislocated shoulder, back/neck problems, heart ailments, asthma, neuro-disorder or any other serious ailments shall not be allowed to take flight.
  • Pregnant or expecting woman shall not be allowed to take flight.
  • Additional restrictions shall apply as per Wefly Indoor Skydiving’s discretion on physically and mentally abled users.
  • Alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and substance abuse are strictly prohibited at the venue, and violators will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable law of the land, and will be asked to leave the venue. The booking shall also stand cancelled with no refund.
  • Flyers under 18 years need to have parent or legal guardian signed disclaimer with Wefly Website for NO LIABILITY, and must be present at the Wefly Indoor Skydiving’s flying venue with valid photo ID proof for identification.
  • Outside food /drinks strictly prohibited.
  • Security checks shall be conducted at the entrance before entry.
  • Wefly Indoor Skydiving shall not be responsible for any loss to valuables, ornaments and other expensive accessories.
  • Users with skin disorder, contagious diseases, hives and other ailments shall not be permitted to fly.
  • The flying suit, goggles, helmet, gloves and shoes should not be removed until asked by the Wefly Indoor Skydiving flight instructor.
  • The flyer shall be solely responsible for any damage done to the flying kit during the entire flight experience, and shall be liable for appropriate damage charges.
  • Incase the flyer decides to dicontinue his / her flight mid-way due to any reason of whatsoever nature, there will be no refund for the said ticket and also there will be no carry forward of the time slot for members.

Deduction of 75% in case of cancellation on or before 7 days of flight booking, 50% on or before 1 day of flight booking. No refund applicable incase on cancellation done on day of flying.
Training shall be provided by Wefly Indoor Skydiving trainers to all flyers.
The Wefly Indoor Skydiving management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.
Kindly undersign to accept the terms and conditions mentioned hereinabove.

All flyers must complete the Statement of Risk, a legal contract between the flyer and Wefly Indoor Skydiving. This contract ensures all flyers understand the nature of the sport of body flight, and the risks involved. All information retained on the Statement of Risk is used for this purpose alone and will not be supplied to any other party for any other purpose, except where authorised by the customer.
As a legal contract, it must be completed accurately by the flyer or parent/guardian as applicable. A valid, government-issued ID is required, and it will be necessary for us to record the document number for our records. Customers who are concerned about supplying such information for any reason should discuss this with Wefly Indoor Skydiving prior to making any purchase or reservation. Refusal to complete the Statement of Risk will result in the inability to participate and forfeiture of any flight purchases, which are non-refundable.
Flyers must bring appropriate identification in order to validate their Statement of Risk. Parent(s) of children under 18 years must provide identification to validate their right to execute the contract on behalf of the under-aged flyer.

Your reservation time is your scheduled flight time. This means that first-time flyers should arrive 60 minutes before their scheduled flight time in order to complete legal paperwork, and attend the training session as necessary. In order to fly, the customer is required to be punctual to facilitate necessary paperwork and training. Besides, the flyer must follow the below rules:

  • Should be in medically fit condition
  • Unimpaired
  • Should be in appropriate clothing that can fit below the flying jump-suit
  • Should have appropriate government identification or valid ID proof
  • Must fill the Statement of Risk form
  • Our schedule DOES NOT permit re-booking of missed appointments
  • Customers with repeated cancellations or no-shows may lose flight privileges in future

Wefly Indoor Skydiving cannot be held responsible for missed reservations as a result of extenuating circumstances, such as transportation, weather conditions, and any other reasons outside of the control of Wefly Indoor Skydiving, nor for expenses related to scheduled reservations.

Our best effort is made to ensure all reservations can be honored. Wefly Indoor Skydiving is a mechanical device which may occasionally require unexpected maintenance. Reservations cancelled by Wefly Indoor Skydiving may be refunded or rescheduled based on availability and customer preference. Rescheduling of Tunnel Time cancelled by Wefly Indoor Skydiving may or may not be available at the rates and/or schedules which are compatible with the customer’s schedule. Wefly Indoor Skydiving will make every effort to reschedule under the same terms wherever possible.

Safety of customers, instructors, and the equipment will require all personal items be removed prior to your flights, including any and all jewelry, bags, wallets, coins, papers, tissues; in short, nothing can remain on the flyer’s person except shoes, clothing, and the supplied flight gear.
For the convenience of our customers, Wefly Indoor Skydiving provides lockers in which personal items can be stored. Wefly Indoor Skydiving will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any items on the premises, including from the lockers. We encourage our customers to leave all items of value at home or with a trusted spectator during flight sessions.

The customer will have the opportunity to fly for the amount of time indicated for the particular activity purchased. Time consumed entering and exiting the Flight Chamber from the Staging Area counts as Flight Time.
Wefly Indoor Skydiving and its instructors and coaches will make every effort to maximize the useable Flight Time but is not responsible for any unusable time.
Any disputes regarding the amount of flight Time delivered must be made in writing, and Wefly Indoor Skydiving will make every effort to review complaints using the video recording system. In the event that the complaint is determined to be valid, Wefly Indoor Skydiving will compensate the purchasers/and or flyers by with additional Tunnel Time and/or a partial refund at its sole discretion. In the event the complaint is invalid, the complainant will be responsible for an administrative review fee. A complaint is considered valid if Tunnel Time delivered is more than five seconds less than the Tunnel Time purchased, according to the video recording.

We do our best to provide accurate pricing information in our advertisements, web site, quotes, and online booking system. All sales are subject to current pricing and review by management. Sales made at incorrect prices, whether fault of the customer, representative of Wefly Indoor Skydiving, or computer system error, will not be honored.

It is the customer’s responsibility to retain all information related to Credit on Account (including Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Flight Passes, Flight Cards) and/or the associated serial numbers as applicable. Please treat these items as if they were cash. Lost items and/or serial numbers cannot be replaced or redeemed.
Customer is responsible for the use of their personal information with regards to setting, changing, or cancelling reservations. Customer is advised to safeguard any computer login information, passwords, gift certificates, gift certificate codes, or any other identifier that is linked to their customer account and/or reservations. Use of any of the information the book, change, or cancel any reservations by the customer or any other person, is the responsibility of the customer.

Voided credits, due to loss in the mail, cancelled sale, or incomplete payment have no value and will not be honored under any circumstances. Charge-backs, stopped checks, or any other invalid or incomplete payment will result in the voiding of the corresponding purchase(s).

Purchases of flight time, gift cards/certificates/passes for flight time, and online recordings of flights are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in the terms of a particular offer. Refunds of credit/debit card purchases will be refunded to the same credit/debit card. For further clarification kindly check refund policy mentioned in the disclaimer.

Wefly Indoor Skydiving offers recordings of the flight video and selfie photograph of your flight experience. . We will make every effort to produce a quality product that will be compatible with most playback devices; however, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every customer’s equipment. If you have problems playing your video from online cloud server of Wefly, please bring it to our notice so that we may assist you with an apt solution.

Comprehensive flight gear for every flyer includes:

  1. Skydiving Helmet
  2. Professional Skydiving Suit
  3. Skydiving Goggle
  4. Earplugs
  5. Hand Gloves